This was then added to feedback from Dave Tate who, due to shoulder injuries, has been exclusively squatting with this bar since 2005. "Since 2005, the only way I have been able to squat is with the use of the SS Yoke Bar. When you extensively rely on a product week-in and week-out, you will inevitably begin to find its flaws.. . . "/> Safety squat bar which way

Safety squat bar which way

. Our Safety Squat Bar is steel with a either a black phosphate or chrome coating from end to end. The bar is fitted with handles to combat limitations of shoulder mobility. The handles are 14.75" total: 10 inches of smooth handle, then 4.75" of knurl in a 30mm Diameter Handle. The handles are spaced 11.5 inches apart. Does anyone have a suggestion for a safety squat bar? I am slowly (re)building up my squat back to 405, still have a long way ways to go, which means the Titan brand bar is likely out based on what I have read. Budget is under $350.00 if possible. . . . . . . . . . The safety squat bar is great for getting trainees with inadequate shoulder mobility under a bar to squat. But because the safety squat bar shifts the weight forward of the bar the back angle becomes more vertical as the weight increases. I was thinking cutting off and re-welding the handles so the weight would hang straight down instead of. . .

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